About Renting The Audi Q7 For Your Next Road Trip

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If you are planning a business or leisure trip abroad and you need a rental vehicle for you and your business associates or family members, the Audi Q7 is the ideal choice. This model of Audi offers purposeful acceleration, sharps styling and extremely agile-handling capabilities which really makes this model standout in regards to the 3-row Luxury Crossover class. The craftsmanship of this model is top rated from the interior onto the significant array of luxury and sophisticated safety features it has to offer.

The latest Q7 available for hire is truly impressive from the very moment you first step into this richly-appointed cabin. Stand-out features of the Q7 include the dashboard that features a horizontal layout which is modern and sleek, while each item that you touch will feel expensive and substantial. This model is representation of outstanding improvements when compared to the first and previous generation of the Q7. This crossover happened to be highly impressive when this model first debuted. However, due to lack of the any upgrades over its long lifespan, it was consistently updated and outclassed by rivals. The heavy weight also did not do much in regards to its handling capabilities, while the latest Q7 is far lighter than the previous version.

Renting The Current Audi Q7

The redesigned 2017 model, offers an extremely unique design on its exterior, superlative performance and prestigious cabin appointment is able to rouse the most ardent of the BMW and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. The latest turbocharged 4-cylinder base-engine has also offered a far more cost-effective choice compared to the supercharged V6 from the previous version. In addition, the weight has been decreased exponentially which has translated into a Q7 that handles better as well as a healthy gain in regards to fuel economy. The improved materials along with striking features like the Virtual Cockpit digital-instrument panel along with semi-autonomous driving technology have transpired into these headlining changes.

When choosing a model, the standard engine on both the Premium Plus and Premium model are turbocharged 2.0-liter 4 cylinder that is able to produce an impressive 252 horsepower along with 273 pound-feet in torque. Estimates on fuel economy are virtually the same on both models an on a 115-mile test-loop it was proven that the V6 turned out to be slightly more frugal.

When you take the Q7 out onto the road for the very first time, you will be impressed immediately by an outstanding ride in regards to comfort which is aided by adaptive and optional air suspension. When you put this car into Dynamic Mode, the dampers and steering firm-up which delivers a far more engaging type of driving experience. Other features of this Q7’s outstanding handling make this car feel like it is much smaller than it really is. The tight feeling is also evident at the lower speeds. Overall you will really be impressed by the dynamic competence levels that Audi has managed to achieve with their 2nd generation Q7.


All You Need To Know About Luxury Car Rental In Zurich

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If you want to drive around Zurich in style, you should know that there are many car rental companies out there that specialize in luxury cars. The only thing you need to do is to search for the words “luxury car rental in Zurich”. If you did just that, you will see that there are many local businesses out there that give you the option to rent a luxury car in Zurich now. The only question is, which one do you choose to drive?

We know enough about luxury car rental in Zurich to know that your choice should only be as good as the fleet of cars it has in the garage. And there is also the matter of price, that is, how much you need to pay per day.

supercar-rentalFor most people, the two criteria of fleet and price are enough reasons for them to consider which car rental company to go for. But there are people, though, who worry about specifics, like insurance (if the driver is going to pay for it) and deposit (if a credit card is absolutely necessary or if it could be paid in cash).

In any case, if you are in Zurich and you want to drive around in luxury just because you can, there are, as we said, many rental companies out there like Apex Luxury Car Hire or Travelocity cars.

The good thing about it is that they are not terribly expensive. We saw one that only charges 150 Euros per day. Considering that there are certain parts of the world that charge $300 or even $500, the price in Zurich is actually a bargain.

So, when you are ready to rent a car, go ahead and get a quote from the different car rental companies out there. Since they are easily found on Google, they should be easy enough to do.

A very important factor in considering which rental to hire in one of the many available locations from is the terms and conditions of the service. If you rent a car for only one day, what time do you return it? Also, what is their policy on insurance and deposit?

While you can always hire a rental company based on the price alone, we think it’s wiser to consider all the other factors that we mentioned here. You might just save more money that way. But that’s just our guess. You’re the only one who can determine if you can truly save money.…

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